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Florida law provides that child support is a fundamental right of children in a dissolving marriage or paternity action. Following a divorce, both parents are responsible for meeting the child’s emotional and financial needs. The non-custodial parent is responsible for financially supporting the child through child support payments. There are many factors that are considered to determine the appropriate amount of support. It is in your best interests to work with an attorney who can help you establish, enforce, or modify child support payments.

Child Support Fundamentals

Child support is typically one of the main areas where disputes arise. Generally, Florida child support guidelines provide a special formula that takes into account the child’s education, daycare expenses, medical expenses, health insurance, and other needs as well as each parent’s financial status and the noncustodial parent’s ability to make child support payments. The judge considers the child’s age, her stage in life, and the standard of living when determining child support payments. In addition, the courts consider where the child spends the majority of his or her time as a factor in determining the amount of support ordered.

Understanding Your Rights as a Parent

As child support is a fundamental right of the child, parents may not waive their responsibility to pay it. However, parents may establish agreements or contracts in which the noncustodial parent agrees to pay for specific necessities in lieu of making direct payments to the custodial parent or to decrease child support payments. A Florida child support lawyer can help you determine a fair payment that ensures the child’s needs are met without taking a serious toll on your financial state.

After divorce, your financial status may significantly be affected. If you have taken on additional financial burdens and are not capable of maintaining the standard of living that was established during the marriage, these factors must be considered before your child support payments have been established. Circumstances may also arise in which it becomes necessary to increase or decrease child support payments. Modification is usually necessary after a parent’s financial status or a child’s needs have changed. Child support modification laws can be highly complex, and each case is unique. A child support attorney in Florida can help you navigate matters involving child support and other family law issues.

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